Exped Bivybag VentAir/PU

kr 2.699


Lightweight, compact and useful. Unmatched breathability in a bivybag that shields against rain, wind, dust and condensation.

Entire top side made of VentAir fabric, an extremely breathable, fully waterproof electrospun-laminate, durable 10000 mm coated nylon floor

Large 3-D foot box accomodates the thickest sleeping bags

An extremely weather tight entry with zipper and velcro closure

Spacious 3-D-hood with room for a backpack. A flexible, detachable wire creates space between hood and face

VentAir, the wonder membrane:

VentAir replaces the still currently used eVent, which has an environmetally problematic ePTFE-membrane that requires disposal in state of the art incinerators with gas removal filters. The new VentAir membrane is an environmentally harmless and functionally equivalent alternative. VentAir comes as a 3 layer laminate in which the membrane is made of a web of nano sized fibers that prevent water drops from penetrating the fabric while allowing water vapor and air to escape.


240 cm
Shoulder Width:
95 cm
Foot Width:
80 cm
Max. body length:
220 cm
600 g
Weight Packsack:
20 g
Packed height:
20 cm
Packed diameter:
11 cm
1 Person
5 years
259.00 CHF
Product No.:


15 D VentAir Ripstop 3-layer laminate, 10’000 mm water column, highly breathable
70 D Texped PA90 Nylon, PU coated, 10’000 mm water column, Oeko-Tex 100 certified