Beta Stick Evo Super Standard

kr 1.499,00


Beta Stick Evo Super Standard

Lei av sketchy førstebolter som er alt for langt unna bakken?


Da er Beta Stick produktet for deg. Her har du muligheten til å legge inn en ekspress med tauet ditt allerede klippet inn og bruke den lange pinnen og «preklippe» bolten før du starter.


Beta Stick kommer i tre forskjellige modeller/lengder.



  • Compact 55cm – 238cm
  • Standard: 74cm – 374cm
  • Long: 113cm – 648cm


The new and improved BetaStick Evo, featuring a more durable design and three new models: Ultra Compact, Super Standard, and Ultra Long. If you’re not familiar with the BetaStick, it’s used for sport climbing where it allows you to clip quickdraws into bolts from the ground, or, with the harness attachment, on the wall. This is especially useful for routes with a high first bolt where there is a chance of falling off. It also features an integral hooking feature for rope retrieval. Go for the short version if it’s for travelling, the mid version if it’s for day-to-day use, or the longest version if you want to clip as many bolts as possible from the ground when returning to a project.