Fällkniven Sheath Extender

kr 250,00


Fällkniven Sheath Extender

Extender to make your knife and sheath hang lower on your belt.

The extender EXT allows you to carry the knife lower on the belt, which simplifies the knife’s accessibility. When wearing a lot of clothes (like in winter), or wearing a long coat, or using a backpack with a hip belt, this gadget fits perfectly.

Even when sitting in the car or on a stump, EXT makes it easier to control how the knife should end up. EXT is very strong, completely insensitive to water and made of rust-resistant materials – the rivets are in 304 steel and the 5 mm thick carabiner is in 316 steel.

EXT as a whole holds 280 kg/615 lbs, while the carabiner itself holds 1300 kg/2860 lbs before it begins to deform.