Hoppes Pussesett Rifle

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Hoppes Pussesett Rifle

The Hoppe’s Dry Rifle Cleaning Kit includes the cleaning rod and rod accessories you need to clean a rifle. The three-piece brass cleaning rod has a ball bearing swivel handle to easily follow the bore’s rifling while cleaning and has a cleaning length of 32.5″ and an overall length of almost 34.5″. This kit also includes four bronze brushes, three cotton cleaning swabs, two nylon jags, two slotted tips and cleaning patches and can clean .22 caliber to .303 caliber rifles.

  • Three-piece brass cleaning rod
  • Cleaning rod has a ball bearing swivel handle to follow the bore’s rifling
  • For .22 – .303-caliber rifles
  • Includes bronze brushes for .22, .223, .243 (6mm), .270 (7mm), .30 (7.62mm), .308, .30-30, .30-06, .300, .303 calibers
  • Includes swabs for .22, .223, .270, .280 calibersv