Petzl Scorpio Vertigo

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Petzl Scorpio Vertigo

SCORPIO seriesRetractable Y-shaped lanyard with tearingenergy absorberThis viaferrata lanyard has all the features you’ll need for a greatday out on the cliffs. The retractable lanyard arms help keep them outof the way. Stored in a zippered pouch, the tearing energy absorber isprotected and is easy to inspect. The third arm is great when traversingor when you need to rest by clipping directly to a rung. Availablealone or with twodifferent types of connectors:VERTIGOWL or EASHOOK. Retractablelanyard arms:- keeps equipment organized and minimizes tangles-allows carabiners are to stay accessibleTearing energyabsorber is protected in zippered pouch:- easy and quick to inspect-protected from abrasionShort, third arm attached to energyabsorber:- convenient for Tyrolean traverses, for climbing whileclose to the cable or attaching to rungs (while resting)Connectionwebbing has a twist in it for lark’s head hitch:- easy to attach onthe harness- optimizes the strength of the connection to theharnessAvailable in threeversions:- alone (withoutcarabiners)- with twoVERTIGOWL connectors:auto-locking carabiner,improved durability, minimal maintenance- with twoEASHOOKconnectors:captive eye, double-action carabiner, quick and easy to clipSpecificationsWeight:- L602:SCORPIO (310g)-L60WL:SCORPIOVERTIGOWL (504g)- L60H:SCORPIOEASHOOK(540g)Length (not including carabiners):- total:90cm- lanyard arms:54cm extended, 32cm retracted- shortarm:7cm- after complete tearing:204cmMaterials:nylon and polyester, steel ring, aluminum carabinerThe third arm should be equipped with a typeK locking carabiner (notincluded)CE (CE/UIAA L60 2 only)