Warne Precision Bipod – Spike Foot

kr 499,00


Warne Precision Bipod – Spike Foot

Warne Skyline™ Spike feet are an economical and effective way

to upgrade your Warne Precision Bipod. Our spike feet are designed to increase the amount of grip on most shooting surfaces allowing you to load the bipod before the shot and reduce bipod hop during recoil. If you’re looking for enhanced recoil management and keeping the reticle on target for quicker follow up shots, try this upgrade next time you’re on the range.

Made from stainless steel for a lifetime of service, the feet are also designed with a rubber washer to prevent the threads from loosening. This tool-less design works by simply screwing the foot into place on the bipod leg until tight.

Spike Feet                                                           PN 7950M