A-Tec Optima 45 Front

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A-Tec Optima 45 Front

This is a premium product with added diameter and volume for effect. It is modular and you can change the two front modules to make it fit another calibre and you can keep the rear module which is fitted with the all new A-LOCK mini. With A-LOCK mini you attach or detach the silencer with a 60 degree twist. It´s done in less than a second. Before shooting remember to properly check that your silencer is properly tighten.

The A-TEC Optima is extremely durable due to the hybrid design: A hardened aluminum alloy designed to handle high temperature, and a stainless steel core that will secure its lifespan to meet most shooters needs.

Please note that this product may require an export license. Please upload a scanned copy of your firearms license when placing your order. This notice does not apply to customers in Norway.


Overall performance: 28 DB(C)
Silencer weight: 260 grams
Diameter: 44.4 mm
Over barrel length: 15 mm
Added length: 150 mm
Total length: 165 mm
Max barrel diameter: Ø23.7 mm


.224 | .264 (6,5) | .30 | .338 | .375


A-LOCK MINI | 1/2”-20 UNF | 1/2”-28 UNEF | 11/16 UNEF | 5/8 UNEF | 5/8 UNF | 9/16 UNEF | 9/16 UNEF SPIGOT | 9/16 UNEF SPIGOT SHORT | 9/16 UNF

M13X1 | M14X1 | M14X1 SPIGOT | M14X1,5 | M15X1 | M15X1 SPIGOT | M16X1 | M16X1,5 | M17X1 | M17X1 SPIGOT | M18X1 | M18X1,5 | M18X1,5 LH


A-Lock mini attachment instructions

If you have an A-LOCK Mini compatible silencer the A-LOCK Mini Adapter must be attached properly to your barrle prior to shooting. We recommend that this is done by a gunsmith with the correct tools.

  1. Check that the rifle is unloaded and remove the bolt from the action.
  2. Degrease the threads on the A-LOCK Mini Adapter and on the barrel.
  3. Apply Loctite 638 to the threads on your barrel.
  4. Attach and tighten the A-LOCK Mini Adapter to the barrel with the special tool.
  5. Tighten with moderate force using the special tool. Not too hard, or the A-LOCK Mini threads may be damaged.
  6. Wipe off excess adhesive.
  7. Apply grease on the A-LOCK Mini Adapter.
  8. Attach and detach the silencer a few times to check the fitting and alignment.

Warning: Tighten the silencer firmly by hand onto the A-LOCK Mini Adapter prior to shooting and check between shots that the silencer is firmly attached.

About A-Tec

A-TEC was founded in 1999 by Anders E. Johansen in Norway. With no more than a dedicated interest,  Anders started developing and producing improved silencers in his garage.

Anders noticed early on that the existing technology and construction were obsolete.  He achieved major improvements in performance, weight, construction and design – and the birth of a new silencer era was set.

From manufacturing silencers in his garage for hunters in Norway the sucessful company is now located in a top modern factory of 600 sqm. A-TEC provides professional management and employees who manufacture more than 20 000 silencers to a market ranging from the Northern Europe all the way to South-Africa.

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