Fällkniven TH1 – Taiga Hunter

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Fällkniven TH1 – Taiga Hunter

Lam. CoS steel. Desert Ironwood handle.

These knives are numbered on the blade spine.

Please note! There can be some variation in pattern and shades on the wooden handles.

TH1 (Taiga Hunter #1) is a handmade knife with a handle in the very exclusive desert ironwood (lat. Olneya tesota). This species is not listed in CITES Annexes or the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species and is therefore legal to use. Like all natural materials, it varies in texture and color, making each knife an individual creation. A beautifully veined pattern may look attractive but a straight, patterned handle is actually stronger. Desert ironwood, which grows in the southwestern United States, has a somewhat peculiar quality – it is heavier than water, its density is 1.2 kg/dm³ which means it will sink. If you want to maintain or even increase the luster in the wood, treat it with log oil, furniture oil, bench oil or other type of wood oil containing linseed oil. The fact that the blade goes full width through the handle (so-called full tang blade) results in a very strong and reliable construction and gives a comfortable weight to the knife.

About the Taiga series
The taiga knives are distinctive hunting and all-round knives for the demanding user. A strong blade in laminated cobalt steel does not only mean a stable function, you notice quite quickly that the edge holds the sharpness really well without being brittle. The reason is the fine, well heat treated and tempered steel but also the convex shaped edge that is not only strong but also wood-sharp. The ergonomic shape of the handle provides a secure grip regardless of weather and wind.
The sheaths
What is a bit special about these knives is the very secure plastic sheath where a specially designed locking system ensures that the knife is properly locked when it is placed in the sheath. It works regardless of weather and wind, sand or snow.

SteelLam. CoS

Hardness (HRC)60


TangFull tang

Handle materialDesert Ironwood


Weight, knife only (g)149

Blade length (mm)84

Blade thickness (mm)4,5

Total length (mm)188

Finger guardStainless Steel